Food Product Development Competition 2018

Health has become a major topic that has been concerned among countries these years especially when it is related with foods, as they can become the cause of a health problem. Therefore, healthy foods are created and becoming the global interest, particularly for the food manufacturer. Generally, a healthy food is more commonly known as a functional food. Functional foods can be defined as those whole, fortified, enriched or enhanced foods that provide health benefits beyond the provision of essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, when they are consumed at efficacious levels as part of a varied diet on a regular basis. A food product can be considered as a functional food if they have a scientific evidence for health claims. Functional foods might help prevent chronic disease or optimize health, thereby reducing healthcare costs and improving the quality of life for many consumers. Indigenous ingredients play a big role as an identity of a region; it can influence the taste, color, or other physical properties to make food unique and distinct to each other. With those in our arsenal, we can not only make unique local foods, but also functional foods that still represents the uniqueness of that place. Functional foods based on local ingredients can be a challenge and an
opportunity at the same time. Looking at the opportunities, local foods, as a unique feature of the country, can increase its potential to be recognized and be beneficial to health as functional food.

The purposes of this program is to
1. Encourage undergraduate college students and vocation students to invent novel food products 
2. Develop products from indigenous ingredients
3. Introducing the role of indigenous ingredients in the developing of food product
4. Encouraging the usage of indigenous ingredients as the ingredient or supporting elements in the development of food product.

TIme-line of events

  • May 1st - June 29th 2018: Registration and abstract submission
  • July 2nd -  July 13th 2018: Abstract Selection
  • July 16th: Announcement of selected abstracts
  • July 16th - August 7th: Full Paper Submission
  • August 8th -August 31st: Full Paper Selection
  • September 3rd: Announcement of Selected Papers
  • October 3rd: Product Display and Presentation
  • October 4th: Product Display and Awarding

You can find out more about the entire process here