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WuHan HuaSweet Co.,Ltd
WuHan HuaSweet Co.,Ltd
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Glycyrrhiza series

Name: Glycyrrhiza series (G-Best) 


1. Sweetness is approximately 200 times than sugar.

2. The taste is a special sweetness.

3. Natural glycyrrhiza extract, appearance is a white fine powder

4. Good stability under high temperature and acidity, Soluble in water with room temperature.

5. High safety. The USFDA approved glycyrrhiza series product as a food additives in GRAS, FDA number is 21CFR184.1408


1. Blend with other ingredients, it can enhance the high salt food flavor.

2. Blend with sugar together, it can make the taste more better in food & beverage.

3. Seasoning effect: It can improve the food natural taste.

4. Pharmacological Properties: For medicines of anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, anti-cancer and inhibition.

5. High temperature stability: It can be used very well in seasoning during cooking process.


The product of Glycyrrhiza series had been widely used in global market, including food, beverage, tobacco, pharmaceutical and cosmetics area etc.

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