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Plan your trip to Fi Europe & Ni

Have a look below for an overview of all you need to know pre-show to plan your trip to Frankfurt including visa and hotel booking information.

If you any further enquiries, please contact the Fi Europe team.

Fi Europe Travel information
Fi Europe visa application

Visa Application

Some exhibitors and visitors will need a visa to enter Germany. You can obtain a formal invitation letter from the Organiser until 31 August 2017.

Please review this information to understand the application procedure for an invitation letter. This will vary depending on what country you are from.

Fi Europe hotel bookings

Hotel Booking

Fi Europe has chosen a large selection of hotels and residences with hotel services situated in Frankfurt, and in close proximity to the exhibition halls.

B-network has been appointed as the official travel company for Fi Europe 2017, offering a wide variety of services to attendees at special rates.

Fi Europe how to get there

How to get there

Fi Europe is taking place at the heart of the vibrant city of Frankfurt. Planning your trip well in advance will improve your experience of the show.

Download all essential directions to the location, and to navigate the venue to ensure you have a smooth journey to and from Food ingredients Europe.