Expo FoodTec

Expo FoodTec: the location onsite to source high-tech ingredient processing and packaging solutions

Expo FoodTec was created as part of the Fi Global portfolio due to the demand from exhibitors and visitors for a one-stop shop for solutions for ingredient packaging, machinery, processing equipment,consultancy services and more.

In the Expo FoodTec pavilion at Fi Europe & Ni you will be able to source a wide range of food ingredient processing and packaging technology and machinery to solve your specific business challenges or needs.

For the first time the  Expo FoodTec pavilion will also feature a Content Hub, which is a dedicated area where you can hear presentations from exhibitors and leading associations from across the industry.

With the addition of the Expo FoodTec pavilion, at Fi Europe you can source for all aspects of the F&B supply chain in the one location, over 3 days.

  • 25% of Fi Europe visitors are ingredient manufacturers looking for your solutions
  • The Expo FoodTec pavilion is dedicated to showcasing machinery, technology and services for F&B ingredients
  • Special focus on high-tech ingredient packaging and processing platforms
  • A Content Hub to learn about the innovations and trends from across the industry
FiE - Expo FoodTec


  • Armfield
  • GEA
  • Mill Powder Tech Solutions
  • OMVE
  • Stable Micro Systems


  • GEA
  • Revtech
  • Steripure


  • SpecPage
  • Mintec

Analytical Instruments

  • Alpha Mos
  • Buchi Labortechnik AG
  • Decagon Devices


  • SpaceKraft


  • CPL Business Consultants
  • Giract
  • Neotron SpA

R&D Services

  • Campden BRI
  • Giract
  • Nizo Food Research

Analysis Services

  • Alpha Mos
  • Neotron SpA


  • KLBD
  • Halal Certification

Clinical Trials

  • Atlantia Food CRO