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Speaker interviews:

 Meet Sarah Dowding, Regulatory Affairs Specialist,  Nestlé – Speaker at FiE Official
 Conference 2013

 "Finding the correct "niche" in the market also requires a lot of consumer insight
 and market research – this can extend project timelines or be tricky when looking... "

 Meet Tania Porsgaard Bayer, Global Trade Policy & Regulatory Affairs, Arla Foods
 Denmark – Speaker at FiE Official Conference 2013

 "We are increasingly seeing new combinations between ingredients and food
 categories we haven't seen before, like juice and milk, chocolate and... "

  Meet James Collins, Consultant in Sport & Exercise Nutrition, Arsenal
 Football Club –  Speaker at FiE Official Conference 2013

 "Aside from the recent changes in legislation, I would say that proactive R&D is the key
 challenge for companies striving..." 
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 Meet Prof. Dr. Hans Verhagen, member, EFSA NDA Panel – Speaker at FiE
 Official Conference 2013
 "The F&B industry will focus on making healthier and more sustainable food products.
 As concerns the former, product reformulation will lead to..." 

 Meet Dr. Victor Aigbogun, General Manager, Quality & Product
 Development, Almarai – Speaker at FiE Official Conference 2013
 "There isn't anywhere near as much pressure in the Middle East but, driven by the
 sizeable ex-pat community in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), awareness of the
 importance of

Featured articles:

Expert Insight Interviews:

Yasemin Özdimir, Market Analyst, Innova Market Insights
Innova Market Insights' Yasemin Özdimir spoke with Food ingredients about the consumer and market trends taking centre stage in the F&B industry over the next 5 years.

Deborah Cross, Food Industry Analyst, Euromonitor International
Euromonitor International's Deborah Cross spoke with Food ingredients about the key trends in Europe currently driving the F&B industry and how this differs globally.

Martine Alles, Director Developmental Physiology & Nutrition, Danone Research
Danone Research's Martine Alles spoke with Food ingredients about the top burning challenges faced by the F&B industry today.

Sarah Chapman, Food Technologist, Campden BRI
Campden BRI's Sarah Chapman spoke with Food ingredients about the opportunities and key innovations that can drive growth in the F&B industry.