The Future of Nutrition - Plenary Sessions
09:00 - 13:45 MesseTurm, Frankfurt
Pre-event Summit

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Registration and refreshments / Welcome address

The evolution of the nutrition industry: from product developers to service providers

Nard Clabbers, Senior Business Developer Personalised Nutrition & Health, TNO

Panel discussion:
How will people live in the future? Exploring the impact of rapid urbanisation on health and nutrition

As cities in certain regions grow into mega cities, or ‘megalopolises’, pressure on infrastructure and healthcare is likely to grow. Hear more about the possible outcomes of this rapid urbanisation, and better understand the role food and nutrition will play in supporting healthy societies

Panellists: Mark Korzilius, CEO & Co-Founder, Farmers Cut 

Designing the future home

What will the home of the future look like? With people becoming more time precious and reliant on technology for support in their day to day lives, will food preparation and consumption change? What gadgets are likely to be available to support cooking at home, and how will this change the way people consume food on a daily basis?

Morning refreshments

Using AI to create new ingredients

With so much information and data available to companies, it’s becoming harder to find the next new ingredient or idea using traditional methods. Learn how Artificial Intelligence can be used to identify new ingredients from unlikely places and understand the true potential of machine learning for the food industry.

Neil Foster, Commercial Manager, Nuritas

Food as a medicine: highlighting the latest research into potentially life-saving foods

Imagine if food could cure cancer? Or reverse non-communicable diseases such as diabetes? Hear about some of the latest research that highlights the true medical potential of food.

The impact of digital: how will e-retail change consumers’ relationship with food and health?

Consumers are increasingly moving online for everyday purchases, from the weekly grocery shop to specialist nutritional supplements. As this trend becomes the norm, companies will need to reconsider how they package and market their products to stand out on the screen, rather than the shelf. 

Panellists: Mariette Abrahams, Director, Mariette Abrahams Consulting

13.15 – 14.00

Lunch and networking

The Future of Nutrition - Stream A: Shaping the future of nutrition in Europe
14:00 - 17:00 MesseTurm, Frankfurt
Pre-event Summit

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An afternoon dedicated to showcasing the latest R&D from industry and academia within Europe. Learn how this research will translate into application, and understand the impact of these new developments on the food and nutrition industry in the future.



Title: Tapping into the future trends: new product development changing the face of the industry

Synopsis:Take a look at some of the most innovative and dorward-thinking products available for consumers now. Explore new product development from across a variety of industries, such as food, beauty and technology, and understand how consumer's growing demand for easy functional and personalised products is likely to impact the food and nutrition sector in teh future. 

Speaker(s): Neil Campbell, Vice President of FMCG/ CPG, Sagentia 

Title: Meeting nutrition needs: tchnologies at work 

Synopsis: Consumers are increasingly aware of thier own nutrition intake, making healthy food choices. In this presentation we show how the latest technological developments help the inudstyr to innocate, meeting consumer demands:​

  • Human Challenge models to substantiate claims;
  • Optimal sensory reward in healthy (high protein) products
  • Optimal flavor in low salt/ sugar products.

Speaker(s): Rene Floris, Division Manager Flavour & Texture, Nizo 

The Future of Nutrition - Stream B: Highlighting pioneering innovation from across the globe
14:00 - 17:00 MesseTurm, Frankfurt
Pre-event Summit

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In an increasingly global world, solutions and new product ideas can come from anywhere. Explore some of the innovative products coming from both established and emerging markets, and discuss how these ideas might shape the future of nutrition.