Exhibitor List

Company Profile Country Booth no.
AAK Malaysia Sdn Bhd AAK is one of the world's leading producers of high value-added specialty vegetable fats. Development and production of these fats require significant technological know-how and they are used in various applications within bakery, infant nutrition, dairy, cosmetics, chocolate and confectionery. AAK has production facilities in Denmark, Great Britain, Mexico, the Netherlands, Sweden, Uruguay and the US. Malaysia H1
Activ International Asia Sdn. Bhd Activ International Group is specialized in the development, production and distribution of meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables and specialty culinary extracts, flavours, natural colours and foods addictives elaborated from diverse sources of raw material with its own art technology internally which is designed to capture the real authentic and high quality taste and aroma of the foods, spice seasonings and other flavor systems since 1984 Malaysia T19
Adinop Co.,Ltd Ingredients importer and manufacturer of synthetic food colors for more than 25 years. We always supply high quality ingredients and services to our valued customers in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and feed industries. We have achieved systems certifications such as ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005 and ISO/IEC 17025 for international standards and for the customers to be ensured. Thailand C1
Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd.   Thailand R9
Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd.   India T6
Agrocomplex Agrocomplex Sp.zo.o is the leading manufacturer of Casein and Caseinate from Poland. Moreover, we also able to provide you customize products and other diary powder on your request. Our vision is a combination of Partnership, Quality, Production, Environmental Awareness and our Experience so we invite you to join us for increasing your business's value. Poland K29
Aker Biomarine Antarctic AS Aker Biomarine is an integrated biotech company providing biomarine ingredients through an optimized value chain, from raw materials to customer. The preferred partner, delivering value-adding solutions to human and aqua markets. Superba™ is Aker BioMarine's brand name for krill oil products for the human market. The Omega-3 phospholipids and astaxanthin found in krill promote among others physical and mental health. Norway H29
Allied Biotech Corp. Allied Biotech Corp. is one of the worlds's leading manufacturers of carotenoids. Our portfolio includes Beta-carotene, Lycopene, Apocarotenal, Canthaxanthin Lutein & Co-enzyme Q10 for all your application needs. Our carotenoids cover a large colour spectrum, are extremely stable as well as Halal, Kosher, HACCP and ISO certified. Germany H22
Amano Enzyme Inc. Amano Enzyme Inc. supplies whole markets with high quality microbial source, non-GMO enzymes for the food, industrials, dietary supplement and pharmaceutical. Kosher and Halal material is also available. We carry a wide variety of enzymes from general commercial applications, such as lipases, proteases, and amylases, to very specialized applications. Japan E36
America Pampa Agroindustrial S.A.   Argentina D30
Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. Angel Yeast Co., Ltd is a high-tech listed company which specializes in the production of yeast and yeast derivatives.As one of leading yeast and yeast extract manufacturers in the world,up to now,Angel has set up 12 factories in China and Egypt.Angel's main products:bakers's yeast and ingredients,yeast extract-savoury,baverage yeast,human healthy products,yeast extract-fermentation,fuel ethanol yeast,enzymes,and animal nutrition products. China G21
Apollo Ingredients India Pvt Ltd.   India B2
Armfield Limited Armfield Ltd designs and manufactures miniature-scale research and development systems for the food, beverage, dairy, oils and pharmaceutical industries. Our equipment is designed to replicate manufacturing processes on a miniature scale, which enables your research and development team to test product formulations quickly and easily; using fewer raw materials - saving you time, space and money! UK D14
Aroma New Zealand Ltd. Aroma NZ Ltd has established itself as a recognised leader in the joint-care and flavor industry. We sell top quality active ingredient materials, backed by the most rigorous scientific verification and we are dedicated to research.Our joint care range includes green-lipped mussel powder and oil,shark cartilage powder and abalone powder. Natural flavors such as oyster extract and green lipped mussel New Zealand T9
Asia Saigon Food Ingredients Joint Stocks Company Asia Saigon Food Ingredient is a joint venture founded by VINAMILK, the leading producer of dairy products in Vietnam, and its partners. AFI is a pioneer specialized in producing various types of non- dairy creamer with top-quality, competitive price in Vietnam. The plant is located in My Phuoc 3 Industrial Park, Binh Duong Province. It covers an area of more than 41,000 square meters, with standard workshop and modern production line of European technology. Vietnam G35
AstaReal Co., Ltd. AstaReal Co. Ltd., is a specialized sales and marketing company for natural algal astaxanthin. Our brand, Asta REAL® astaxanthin, is the 20 year market leader in terms of clinical efficacy, innovation, product quality and supply. AstaREAL® is supplied to nutritional, cosmetics and food industries. Japan T15
B.O.T. Co.,Ltd. B.O.T. Co.,Ltd. is a distributor of food materials for more than 20 years. We expert in sausage casing, flavours, seasoning and natural colors. We guarantee high quality product with supported documents. In terms of flavours and colors, We import from Nactis, Stand-out company in France who provides more than 50,000 profiles that serves both small & large scale customers. Thailand H35
BASF (Thai) Limited BASF is the world's leading chemical company. Its portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products and crop protection products to oil and gas. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Through science and innovation, we enable our customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs of society. Hongkong P1
Berli Jucker Public Co.,Ltd. The specialties Division of Berli Jucker Public Company Limited (BJC) is one of the leaders supplying full range of ingredients for food, bakery and beverage industries in Thailand and Indochina. BJC has represented high quality brands worldwide and continued to create beyond satisfaction to all business stakeholders with premium products, market knowledge, technical services and logistic skills. Thailand M1
Bio Active Japan Corporation Manufacturers of food and functional food ingredients. Our portfolio includes, natural flavors, food colors, spices and oleoresin. We have a range of ready to use spice premix concepts and food colors with excellent solubility profile. In addition we also offer a range of evidence based nutritional ingredients for the healthy food segment. Japan Q14
Biomed Herbal Research Co., Ltd.   Taiwan R15
Bontoux SA   France D9
Brenntag Ingredients (Thailand) Public Company Limited Brenntag is the global market leader in chemical distribution operating in over 450 locations in more than 70 countries. It provides tailor-made solutions for specialty and industrial chemicals to its customers from various industries including Food & Beverage, Personal Care, Pharma and more. As member of Responsible Care, Brenntag attests to its commitment to quality, safety, health and environment regulations. Thailand L1
Bronson And Jacobs International Co.,Ltd. Bronson and Jacobs supply ingredients that assist with the stimulation and motivation of our senses. We formulates and supplies raw materials to meet the exacting requirements of customers, large to small across a wide range of industries, including Food industry. Thailand G17
Burapa Prosper Co., Ltd.   Thailand T24
C & P Additives C&P Additives specializes in the development, manufacture and commercialization of high quality functional ingredients, transglutaminase system for systems for all industries such as meat, dairy, seafood, bakery and soy base products, as well shelf life extenders, enzymes, proteins and seasoning. USA E10
Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd. Camlin Fine Sciences is the largest integrated manufacturer of synthetic food antioxidants TBHQ, BHA, Antioxidant Blends, Ascorbyl Palmitate and food flavour Vanillin. The facilities are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, KOSHER & HALAL certified. The Division Solentus is focused on offering customized solutions in the areas of shelf life extension, fortification and flavours supported by full fledged-Food Application Laboratory. India L21
Cartino Gelatin Company Limited We are a Pharmaecutical ans an edible grade bovine limed bone gelatin manufacturer in Thailand with annual production capacity at approximately 1,000 MT. Our new product is Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen and Marine Collagen Peptide. All our product have "Halal". Thailand M22
CF Chem Co.,Ltd. CF Chem Co.,Ltd.is one company under affiliated of Cinnamon Group which is specialize in food & beverage industry. We are sole distributor of food ingredients and additive from wide range of the world. We consider ourselves to be lean and aggressive company with strong foundation and determination of management team to emphasize with honesty and sincerity the need of customer. Thailand L17
Chaijinda Seafood Co.,Ltd. Chaijinda Seafood Co.,Ltd is one of leading manufacturer of Dried Seafood. We manufacture and develop a wide range of products provides a wide selection of quality products. New one is powdered product which have fine powder made from pure natural material. Thailand M31
Changzhou Guanghui Biotechnology Co., Ltd   China D22
Changzhou Niutang Chemical Plant Co.,Ltd. Changzhou Niutang Chemical Plant Co.,Ltd. was founded at 1969,is one of the world's leading Manufacturers and distributors of food additives,chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates.Our core products are:Aspartame,Sucralose-Liquid and Dry,Acesulfame-K(Ace-K),Stevia Reb-A,Folic Acid,Erythritol,L-Phenylalanine,DL-Aspartic Acid.Our certifications include:ISO9001,FSSC 22000:2011, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, SA8000.Our high-quality products is meeting the most stringent U.S. and European manufacturing,compliance and quality benchmarks. China G31
Chenguang Biotech Group Co., Ltd. Chenguang Biotech Group is the biggest supplier of paprika oleoresin in the world,develop as an international leading manufacturer of natural colors, spice oils and oleoresins, protein oils and nutritional extracts. Our main products are: paprika oleoresin, capsicum oleoresin, marigold oleoresin, black pepper oil/oleoresin, beetroot red, wheat germ oil, lycopene, lutein etc. China Q13
CHS Inc.   USA N13
Condiment Factory Co.,Ltd. Lannaproducts Co., Ltd. is one of the world largest chemical free natural essential oil products. The company's wide range of frozen vegetable, natural essential oil, prepare foods, condiments and design of derivatives to achieve top quality products. The company select only special raw material and invest substantially in research and development. Thailand M32
Connell Bros. Co.(Thailand) Ltd. Connell Bros. is a division of Wilbur-Ellis who is an international marketer and distributor located in San Francisco, USA. Connell Bros. has 36 offices in 17 countries throughout Asia. Connell Bros. Thailand- Food Division provides specialty food ingredients from the well-known principles around the world such as Herb&Spices extracts, Dairy Powder, Flavor, Calcium Carbonate, Wheatexturizer, Phosphate, Sodium benzoate,etc. Thailand E1
Cosmic Concord Corp., Ltd. 3C Group is a nutraceutical developer. We distribute functional ingredients using in dietary supplement. Our brand ingredients those we distribute exclusively in Thailand are Vitamin C, L-carnitine, Collagen, L-Glutathione, Kionutrime, Estro G100, botanical extract, chlorophyll etc. We also provide ODM service (both made in overseas eg. Korea, Canada, etc. and domestic), registration, technical support, formula development and etc. to ensure the success of finished product under our clients' brands. Thailand J13
CP Kelco Singapore Pte Ltd. CPKelco is a creative and innovative leader in the production and manipulation of polysaccharides by microbial fermentation and extraction from plant, algal and cellulose-based raw materials. Our products are derived from natural, renewable raw materials, and CPKelco strives to preserve nature's functionality through minimizing our chemical modification. These products serve many functions, including rheology modification, thickening, suspension, stabilization and gelation. Singapore H25
DKSH (Thailand) Limited DKSH is the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia. As the term "Market Expansion Services" suggests, DKSH helps other companies and brands to grow their business in new or existing markets. DKSH's Business Line Food & Beverage Industry provides concepts, formulations, and ingredients to manufacturers in the food and beverage industry, ranging from food raw materials to functional ingredients and institutional products. Thailand K1
Doehler food & beverage in gredients (Shenghai) Co.,Ltd Döhler is a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-based natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry. Döhler's integrated approach and the broad product portfolio are the optimal basis for innovative and safe food & beverage applications. The product portfolio is ranging from flavours, colours, speciality & performance ingredients, cereal ingredients, dairy ingredients, fruit & vegetable ingredients to ingredient systems. China P7
DPO (Thailand) Ltd. The Food Ingredients Division (IGD) at DPO International is specialized in the purchase, shipment, import, marketing, sales & distribution of specialty food ingredients to the food-processing industry in Asia. With a network of 20 branches across Southeast Asia and China, we can reach a very substantial part of the local food industry. Thailand G9
DSM Nutritional Products Asia Pacific Royal DSM is a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials. Its unique competences drives economic prosperity, environmental progress and social advances that create sustainable value for stakeholders. DSM delivers innovative solutions that nourish, protect and improve performance in global markets such as food and dietary supplements. DSM's 23,500 employees deliver annual net sales of about €9 billion. Singapore F1
Eastsign Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd. Easign Foods(Quzhou)Co.,Ltd which established in August,2006, is a Hongkong-funded enterprise. The current annual production capacity of instant products is about 1500tons. Eastsign Foods has already been certificated by QS, ISO9001, HACCP,KOSHER, HALAL AND IMO ORGANICE China G29
Emsland-Starke GmbH   Germany T13
Eonlipids Sdn Bhd.   Malaysia T2
Esprit Care Sdn Bhd Esprit Care is a leading South East Asia regional distributor of specialty health supplement ingredients with partners in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines. Some of our outstanding products are UC-II, Super CitriMax, Meratrim, Cindura, CurQlife, Fernblock, Tiger Milk Mushroom, etc. Our company works closely with research laboratories in Malaysia, India, Taiwan, etc. to assist them in commercializing newly discovered ingredients. Malaysia L22
Eurovo Srl   Italy T1
Ever Style Foodstuff Industrial Co., Ltd.   Taiwan Q17
Family Cereal Co.,Ltd. Family Cereal Sdn Bhd is one of the companies in the Custom Food Group;an emerging Malaysia based food ingredients manufacturing group. Main technologies are Filtermat Spray Drying (Non-dairy Creamer, High Fat, Whipped Topping Base Powder, High Fat Powder, Vegetable Fat Filled Milk, etc), Vacuum Band Drying (Malted Milk Powder, Malt Extract Powder, etc), Drum Drying (Instant Cereal Flakes)& Oats Milling. Malaysia P13
Fenchem Biotek Ltd. Fenchem is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing active ingredients with high quality and safety, serving dietary supplements and functional foods. Fenchem adopts a professional management system to control all stages, which ensures our customers with tailor-made, well-researched ingredients to stand out in the marketplace. China K21
Food Ingredient Technology Co.,Ltd. Your Integrated Ingredient Solutions, At FIT, we aim toward strengthening competitive leverage for Thai food Industry and continuing of Human Development with total commitment in Technology Transfer for both Process Development from our longstanding Glogal partners. Thailand G1
GeTeCe Co.,Ltd. Established in Thailand in 1978, GeTeCe Co., Ltd. is a high-quality product distributor that provides customers in Thailand and across Southeast Asia with international standard products and services. Our core expertise revolves around four main product groups: 1. Technics 2. Fine & Specialty Chemical 3. Fragrance 4. Flavour & Food Ingredient Thailand L9
Glanbia Nutritionals Singapore ltd Glanbia Nutritionals, we deliver advanced nutritional solutions that produce results for you. We offer a vast range of complete, high-quality customized blends. As your strategic partner we focused on your goals and timelines. Amino Acids, Colours, Vitamins and Minerals or any other nutritional and functional ingredients in powder or liquid form: formulated for success. Singapore P9
GNT Singapore Pte Ltd GNT, one of the world's leading producers colouring foods from natural sources, presents its high quality EXBERRY® products. EXBERRY® offers perfect solutions for colouration of food without additives. It is derived from edible fruits and vegetables and is processed in a very gentle way. EXBERRY® Colouring Foods are food ingredients and deliver a "clean-label" declaration to meet consumer demands. Singapore F17
Golden Frog Trading Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Golden Frog is a manufacture of fine flavors, fragrances, and essential oils. We offer superior products including: top notes, reaction flavors, and custom extracts. Our global technical support teams worldwide can provide you with excellent guidance and samples for your any market. We guarantee you will find what you are looking for!So join our trade community today!" Vietnam G36
Grain Processing Corporation Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) provides quality food ingredients. MALTRIN® maltodextrins and corn syrup solids are the gold standard for the industry. Quick-dispersing versions are also available. Specialty starches include PURE-COTE® and INSTANT PURE-COTE® binding/coating starches, INSCOSITY® instant starches, PURE-GEL® stabilized starches, PURE-SET® thin-boiling starches and PURE-DENT® specialty starches. Additional products include TruBran® corn bran and natural ethyl alcohol. USA E31
Guangxi Yipinxian Biotechnology Co., Ltd.   China S5
Huisong Pharmaceuticals Huisong Pharmaceuticals was established in 1998,locatd in Hangzhou,China.It is a China&Japan joint venture company.Huisong Pharmaceuticals are tursted by customers worldwide and has developed itself as a leading manufacturer of : Herbs Botanical extracts Bee products. Main Strongest Products: European Bilberry Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Panax Ginseng Extract;Blackcurrant Extract, Royal Jelly Powder. China L29
Huntsman Pigments   Germany D13
IMCD Group IMCD Group the best-in-class food and nutrition solutions and services - locally, by market segment and across territories. By fully understanding your recipes, applications and processes, and thanks to our team of food technologists, we deliver outstanding value. This has enabled us to become a leading distributor of specialty food and nutrition ingredients in Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Using a rich and innovative portfolio, long-standing experience and market and application knowledge of over 100 technical and commercial experts, we formulate solutions to your specific market requirements. Singapore Q1
Indesso Niagatama, PT As your reliable partner in flavor and food & beverage ingredients industry who always provides significant added value through innovation, efficiency and sustainable business practice, Indesso presents the highest quality products that are created through science, art and technology, such as: acacia gums, cheese powders, flavors, essential oils, natural extracts, natural sweeteners, seasonings and spice oleoresins. Indonesia P17
Indfrag Limited   India F35
Ingredia Ingredia is a dairy company which develops and produces milk powders,milk proteins,functional systems & innovative bioactives for food and nutrition & health industry. Ingredia offers its clients native and non-denaturing ingredients,presenting a structure close to that naturally present in milk. Supported by an international network, Ingredia is building the future of food and nutritional products with its partners and clients. France F22
Ingredient Studio Co.,Ltd. Ingredient Studio Co., Ltd. is a Company of an idea to provide an alternative services and products to Thailand market. We believe in an advantage of combination between a cutting-edge product technology from suppliers throughout the world and our versatile & customer friendly but professional working style. Provide the customer an alternative way to doing business apart from sophisticated. Thailand F9
Inter-Chemicals Sdn Bhd Inter-Chemicals Food Division is specialized in Specialty Food Ingredients and Nutraceuticals for South East Asia.We're the distributor for Euronut Hazelnuts and Leiber Natural Yeast Extract.Our products,which are widely supplied and distributed regionally in Malaysia,Thailand,Singapore,Indonesia and Vietnam,are the top quality food ingredients with highest standards,scientifically supported and documented and in line with food safety regulatory authorities. Your Health&Beauty is our Business! Malaysia G22
InterFiber Pte Ltd. (Asia Pacific) InterFiber produces wheat fiber, bamboo fiber, powdered cellulose fiber. Our mission is to help improve food quality and health worldwide through promotion of insoluble fibers in all types of food. We produce top quality fibers and production safety is our absolute priority –we are ISO 22000 and BRC 6 certificates' holders. Singapore J31
Inthaco Co.,Ltd. Where your products meet innovation" is the key driver in specialist ingredients markets of INTHACO, who is one of the leading and most technological advanced manufacturers of the spray dried powder in Thailand. By 100% natural ingredients and premium quality, our products are the main ingredients of Thai food manufacturers and also are exported to the oversea markets. Thailand M9
Iprona AG Bring more fruit into your products, choose Iprona - The Fruit Company from Italy. We supply fruit concentrates to producers of juices and beverages, jams, milk and food industry, the liqueur and confectionary industry, food supplements. Our range covers more than 40 fruit types of fruit concentrates, pulp concentrates, puree concentrates and natural colourings. Italy T38
ISCAL Sugar Caramel   Belgium T5
Iwaki & Co.,Ltd. Iwaki & Co.,Ltd is the global distributor for pharma, cosmetic, nutraceutical ingredients and so on. At FI Asia, the company will showcase newly creative ingredients specialized in beauty and sliming and deodorant,which is high quality, clinical data available, competitive price. Japan K22
Jebsen & Jessen NutriLife (T) Ltd Jebsen & Jessen NutriLife under the Jebsen & Jessen Chemicals Regional Business Unit is a leading service provider in food & beverage ingredients. We offer a range of complimentary ingredients for usage in key food & beverage applications, such as bakery & confectionery, beverage, dairy, meat, seasonings & savoury as well as nutraceuticals and dietary supplements. Thailand J1
Jubilant Life Sciences Jubilant Life Sciences limited is a global Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Company engaged in manufacture and supply of APIs, Generics, Specialty Pharmaceuticals and Life Science Ingredients. A significant player in the Nutrition market, with leadership position in Vitamin B3, Jubilant manufacturers and markets a wide range of nutritional ingredients and formulations for application across food, feed, pharmaceutical and personal care. India P14
KH Roberts Pte Ltd. KH Roberts is a premier creator of food flavours and specialty ingredients. With an extensive innovation, manufacturing and distribution network, KH Roberts is the choice provider of flavour innovations that have helped leading consumer brands deliver successful products globally. Its extensive range of products are marketed under KH Roberts® Food Flavours, NatuReal™ Food Flavours, Plaimar® Naturals, and SenShade® Food Colours. Singapore H17
Kijbanlue Multi-Food Co.,Ltd. We are accepted industrial-wide as a leading & reliable manufacturer in quality, safety, delivery for steamed and dehydrate food ingredients; steam sterile ground herbs & spice, chili, peeper, garlic powder, seasoning mix, seafood powder, instant curry mix, instant (herbal, tea, juice, beauty) drink, instant rice and imported essential oil (spices, floral, herbs). Thailand L33
Kimica Corporation KIMICA is the only alginate manufacturer who can offer stable supply even if we had a disaster, because of manufacturing in two countries Japan and Chile. KIMICA serves an excellent quality of alginic acid, alginate salts and alginate ester (PGA) all over the world, for the use of food ingredients in the beer, bakery, dairy, juice, salad dressing, ice cream and noodles markets. Japan J28
Koyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Our ongoing efforts in research and development have accumulated in the realization of Food Life Extending and Quality Improvement Agents for marine products and livestock breeding products. Our epoch-making product with its methodology in practical use has drawn great price from countries world-wide. Today, please don't hesitate to drop in at our booth to sample our product! Japan N9
Lactalis Ingredients Subsidiary of the Lactalis Group (Turnover $17 billion - World biggest dairy company), Lactalis Ingredients manufactures and markets worldwide dairy ingredients (sweet and demineralised whey powders, milk powders, caseinates, buttermilk, blends,... for the main sectors of the food industry : baby food, beverages, fresh dairy products, chocolate and confectionery, biscuits, ice cream, sports and dietetic food. France D9
Leiber GmbH   Germany D31
Macro Ingredients Inc We're zero calorie, natural stevia sweeteners producers from South Korea. We have a good range of stevia for applications in the Food & Beverage industry. Try our Stevia & you'd be pleasantly surprised it's ease of use with cost savings benefits and great taste. Application in various products has been successful whether used solely or conjunctively with sugar or artificial sweeteners. Korea J27
Maharaj food co.,Ltd   Thailand T28
Maxway Company Limited Our company supplies ingredients for broad range of Food-applications such as Confectionary, Beverage, Dairy Foods, Oil & Fat industry, Meat and Seafood product, Bakery and many others Our portfolio includes Stabilizers, Phosphates, Gum Hydrocolloids, Emulsifiers, Acidulants, Preservatives, Buffering agents, pH Adjusting agents, Humectants, Anti-oxidant, Flavors, Colors, Sweeteners, Mineral sources, Dairy ingredients and etc. Thailand J9
Microthermic Inc Come see our new powerful E-HVH line of lab UHT/HTST processors. Our processors are used to develop products quickly, accurately, and economically. Eliminating failed plant trials, they accomplish month's worth of test runs, in just a few days. Our Thermal Process Matching Technology, in-line homogenization, filling, accurately reproduce production processes for juices, soy-milks, milks, coffee&tea, functional drinks, puddings, and more. Thailand F36
Mighty International Co., Ltd. Mighty is the leading manufacturer and distributor of food ingredients in Thailand and this region. From FSSC, ISO, HACCP and halal certified factory, Mighty produces a comprehensive range of high quality savoury ingredients such as SEASONINGS, SPICES, SPECIALTY CONDIMENTS and the latest product range PROCESS / REACTION FLAVOURS. Thailand M14
Mitsubishi Corporation Life Science Limited (KOHJIN Life Sciencs Co.,Ltd.) BIO-CHEMICALS BUSINESS Develop, produce and distribute high value-added products of food, pharmaceutical food and feed-stuff utilizing yeast production know-how with the slogan of "natural, healthy and safe. Japan F31
MSC Co.,Ltd. MSC's food additives include carrageenan and agar from seaweeds, seasonings and spices extracted from agricultural, livestock and fishery products, natural food colors, concentrated juice, soft drinks, flavors and functional food ingredients. Thanks to our long accumulate technologies. We are able to supply such a variety of food additives to our esteemed customers. Korea K27
Nagase (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. TREHA™ (trehalose) is a naturally occurring disaccharide/ multi-functional sugar with properties that can be of wide-ranging benefits to food technologists, including: mild sweetness (45% as sweet as sucrose); low cariogenicity; chemical, thermal and acid stability; non-participation in Maillard reactions; high glass transition temperature; and protein and starch protection properties. Thailand S1
Namsiang Co.,Ltd NAMSIANG(G17) One of the leading ingredients suppliers serving the nutritional,supplement and food additives markets. NamSiang's focus is Highest Quality products for our customers and "In Trend" ingredients for marketing. Visitors to NamSiang will find the full range of Amino Acids (Cognizine,L-Hydroxyproline,L-Arginine,L-Citruline,L-Ornithine etc),along with Coenzyme Q10,VitaminE,L-Glutathione,Yeast Health Ingredients, Collagen for Joint Care, Malic acid, Krill Oil,Gums and especially unique Flavors. Thailand K17
Naturex AG Naturex manufactures natural specialty ingredients for the Food & Beverage, Nutrition & Health and Personal Care industries. Naturex employs over 1400 people and has 15 production units located in Europe, the United States, Brazil, Australia, Morocco and India. The group also has several sales offices worldwide. France F25
Niran (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Niran (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a world class food additive supplier locates in Rayong, Thailand. Our company provides high quality food grade Citric Acid and Citrate in line with the international standard of BP, USP, FCC, Ph.Eur. and JP. We get certificates of ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 22000, GMP, NON-GMO, KOSHER, HALAL, NSF, HACCP, SQF2000. Thailand F29
NK Automation Pte. Ltd.   Singapore K24
Nutrin SA Nutrin is a vertically integrated peanut growing and processing company with farming and processing facilities in Argentina Brazil and Paraguay. We grow and shell peanuts and offer peanuts in HPS, blanched, dry roasted, oil-roasted, chopped, paste, and powder form. We also produce roasted peanut oil, roasted peanut extract, and crude peanut oil. We also offer organic peanuts. Panama K30
Nutrition SC Co.,Ltd. Nutrition Sc Co., Ltd. is one of the leaders in food additives and ingredients business. With over 30 years of food ingredients experience, we provide the superior quality products as well as comprehensive customer service under the quality management system ISO9001:2008. "VISION: Value Creator for Food Industry" Thailand N1
Ogawa & Co., Ltd. Ogawa is a leading flavor company in Japan, since 1893, known for developing highly innovative flavor products possessing added values in addition to high quality "aroma" and "taste". Ogawa utilizes cutting-edge flavor technology to provide solutions for various product development needs of beverage, confectionary, and savory products. Ogawa offers a wide variety of products from flavors to functional ingredients. Japan F13
Okuno-Auromex (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Okuno-Auromex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.is a specialized company serving in the food ingredients industry. We have been providing various shelf-life improver and quality improver such as quality improver for meat processing, daily dishes, marine product, noodle products and bakery product,with wide range of service to our clients under the motto "Provide Taste and Safety to the table" Thailand Q21
Oleofine Organics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd We are food additives manufacturer in Thailand. Our products are mainly used in breads, biscuits, non-dairy creamer and other industries. We are the join-venture with Fine Organics India and Oleofine Organics Malaysia. We commit to continuous development in product quality and application. Thailand K25
Oleon (Asia-Pacific) Sdn. Bhd.   Malaysia P31
OVO Foodtech Co.,Ltd. / S.W. Foodtech Co.,Ltd. "Ovo Foodtech Co., Ltd. is an egg processing company who aims to be no.1 in egg science and technology products. We produce "Safe'n Stable" innovative active functional ingredient from egg for food representing through standard pasteurized liquid egg, functionalized liquid egg, boiled egg and its by product (calcium and membrane). We are certified GMP/HACCP/HALAL/ISO22000. Thailand M30
Parmovo Group PARMOVO is a leading company in the egg products sector where it is present with a wide range of products for use in the food processing industry. PARMOVO was founded in 1978;customer satisfaction is of strategic importance to us, consequently, reliability and quality have always been PARMOVO philosophy. Italy C14
Premium Foods Co.,Ltd. Premium Foods Co., Ltd. has been processing wide variety of dehydrated products, such as dried vegetables, dried fruits, herbs, spices, and spray-dried products. The company is located in Chiangmai, Thailand.a major source of raw meterials to control the availability and freshness of the products and to maintain the most original taste. Thailand M17
Preserved Food Specialty Co.,Ltd. We are the leading factory for every kind of dried food processing in Thailand including Freeze dried, Spray dried, Air dried, Drum dried, or even the Extraction. We aimed to produce the best quality, and safety product per customer requirement within time. Nowadays, we have the customer both domestic and many countries around the world that have confidence on. Thailand L31
Prova S.A.S PROVA is "the" specialist manufacturer for sweet brown flavourings in four major areas: VANILLA, COCOA, COFFEE and GOURMET notes. PROVA masters both sides of the flavouring know-how: the extraction of raw materials and the creation of flavouring compounds. Largest vanilla extractor in the world, with 67 years of experience, PROVA relies on its sound knowledge of the market requirements. France F21
Pulviver   Belgium T42
Purac Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.   Singapore J25
Rama Production Rama Production is a leading Supplier of Premium Food Ingredients and Additives since 1975. We have well established our Reputable Market Position as One of the Most Reliable Trendsetter in Health- Promoting Ingredients for over 38 Years. Visit Our Largest Stand in FIA 2013 and enjoy a Wide Range of Innovative Products and Prototypes for Well-Being and Cost Friendly Concept in Various Applications such as Clinically-Proven Functional Beverages, Cost effective Meat&Seafood solutions, Mouth-Watering Healthy Bakery and Entirely New&Unique Dietary Supplement Ideas. Thailand J17
Ricca Peacock Asia Sdn Bhd. Reka Nutrition specialised in custom manufacturing of high quality Food Flavours and Fragrances. We are certified HACCP, GMP, ISO9001:2008 and Malaysia JAKIM Halal. For food flavourings, we have in-house Flavourists and Food Technologists to R&D and manufacture Liquid Flavours (for sweet and savoury use), Cloudifying Agent for beverage use, Micro-Encapsulated Flavour Powders, Flavour Emulsions, Natural Essential Oils, Extracts and Oleoresins. Malaysia T10
Rikevita (Singapore) Pte Ltd Riken Vitamin is now a leading manufacturer of Distilled Monoglycerides and produces a wide range of food emulsifiers, quality improver, natural tocopherols, natural colourants and seasoning for food industries like oil and fats, bakeries, noodle, dairy products and others. In ASEAN region, we have sales office and application centre in Singapore and a factory in Malaysia to be near customers. Singapore J23
Seagarden AS Seagarden AS, a Norwegian based manufacturer of high quality natural marine ingredients to the worlds food and flavour industry. Concentrated powders and additive free are some of our key rules. Seagarden produce its products from fresh frozen raw material from sustainable sources mainly within the FAO cold water regions. Our marine powders are used worldwide. "Choose Natural, choose Seagarden" Norway H31
Shandong Kanbo Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd.   China P24
Siam Preserved Foods Co., Ltd. Siam Preserved Food Co., Ltd. are manufacturer and exporter quality products. Our production processes are standardized with advance technology and characterized by supreme quality and team committed to serve you. Thailand M21
Simpson Biotech Co., Ltd.   Taiwan T23
Sonac BV Sonac is a leading Food Ingredients Producer and Manufacturer in Europe. Sonac offers products from natural materials of animal origin as essential ingredients like proteins, minerals and colorings for applications in various kind of food. Sonac's functional proteins can be used as binders, emulsifiers, protein boosting and mineral enrichment. Thailand L13
Specialty Natural products Co.,ltd Establish since 1999, Specialty Natural Products Co.,Ltd. (SNP) is the leading manufacturer of Standardized Asian Botanical Extract for world's Pharmaceutical, Dietary Supplements, Nutraceutical, Functional Food, and Cosmetic industries. Specialty Natural Products was set up to launch the production of therapeutic botanical plants extracts by using the most advanced production techniques and methodologies available to serve the world's requirements. Thailand M25
Stable Micro Systems Ltd. Stable Micro Systems are the designers and manufactures of the TA.XTPlus range of Texture Analysers. Experts in the physical characterisation of food texture, these instruments provide an invaluable tool for development, research and quality control applications. The new Volscan Profiler for measuring the volume of baked products will also be on display and demonstrated by our texture experts. UK J29
Sun Sweet Co.,Ltd. Sun Sweet International Co., Ltd. was established as a new business group by Sun Sweet Co., Ltd. and focuses on becoming the premier Thai food trader for food industry around the world. Our main priority is assisting you on the way to find all food products from Thailand. Thailand L34
Super Food Ingredients Super Food Ingredients Singapore is one of the leading product innovator and manufacturer in Southeast Asia. We supply instant coffee, tea, creamer and tailored ingredients to multinational F&B manufacturing, food-service companies, as well as the HORECA sector. We aim to be a premier food ingredients specialist, capable of delivering quality and consistent food ingredients to serve the regional marketplace. Singapore Q9
Suzhou Jiahe Foods Industry Co., Ltd. Suzhou Jiahe Foods Industry Co., Ltd, a Sino-Singapore joint venture, was established in 2001, with annual capacity of 220,000 Tons Non-dairy Creamer, which is widely used in coffee, milk tea, ice cream, soup, cereal, spices, seasoning, and other beverages. Currently we export to more than 37 countries including Philippines and look forward to the cooperation with you in near future. China A1
SynbioTech Inc.   Taiwan P36
Synthiet Industries Ltd. Synthite is the world leader for spice powders, whole spices, spice oleoresins, extract oils, natural colours and natural antioxidants. India L25
T.C.S. Pacific Ltd.   Thailand L35
Taiwan Yes Deep Ocean Water Co., Ltd.   Taiwan B4
Tate & Lyle   Singapore G13
Tekirdag Un San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti   Turkey Q25
Thai Food Product International Co., Ltd. THAI FOODS PRODUCT INTERNATIONAL Company Ltd.is a manufacture food additive to enchance flavour.Our products such as TS-TIDE, TS-TIDE is which being helper to make variety menus for cooking with the most delicious.MSG,Our MSG giving and improving a pleasant taste. It can be mixed well with variety menus.These product made from Thailand with guaranteed quality and negotiable price. Thailand M35
The Essence (Beijing) Co., Ltd. After 15 years development, THE Essence becomes a professional and confirmed supplier of Food ingredients for many MNCs based on our unique quality control and guaranteed service, with turnover of USD42 million in 2013. Following the principle of "THE Better Quality, THE Better Service", we are always committed to be "Your office in China". China J30
Thinnakorn Chemical and Supply Co., Ltd.   Thailand S2
Tipco Foods Pcl. Tipco Foods PCL is a leading beverage producer in Thailand and the first pineapple processing company in the world who received ISO 9002 certification. We are getting into business line of premium quality ingredients such as Polymeric Nano-encapsulated plant extracts which are able to enhance certain properties e.g., improving solubility, masking taste, unpleasant smell, and prolonging stability of active substances. Thailand M29
Tongliao Meihua Biological Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.   China P23
Topflight Interfoods Co., Ltd. Topflight Interfoods Co., Ltd is one of the leading importer and distributor companies supplying ingredients to the food industry in Thailand. Since 1995, we serve various high quality products to the food industry included agricultural products, food additives and health ingredients. The company works professionally and has a great partnership with many leading suppliers such as Germany, Switzerland, USA and China. The products of Topflight Interfoods can be grouped into 10 categories such as Hydrocolloids, Citri-Fi, Phosphate, Egg Powder, Malt Extract, Casing Collagen, ingredient for meat application and Cocoa. Thailand D17
Total Industrial Machinery Co.,Ltd.   Thailand H36
Ueno Fine Chemicals Indusry Ueno is one of the food ingredient manufacturer who supply not only natural sweetener but also we do more about food additives and other sanitation for every kind of food Industries, Personal Care and etc. Thailand L30
Umalaxmi Organics Pvt Ltd.   India B8
Unify Chemical Co., Ltd.   Thailand P25
VEOS   Belgium T21
Vicchi Enterprise Co., Ltd. Vicchi Enterprise Co., Ltd. was performing as food ingredient importer with almost 40 years of experience in food industry. Vicchi moreover in part of export way which supplying for international market worldwide. Being formed as the integrated service provider, Vicchi concentrated in not only supplying ingredients, but also sharing technical know-how with customers under key concept; Productivity, Colorful & Trust. Thailand H9
Wacker Cheimie AG WACKER is a globally operating company that uses advanced biotech processes to offer innovative and tailored solutions and biotech products for the life science sector. For the food industry this includes a soluble dietary fiber with emulsifying properties and biotech-based microencapsulation solutions for taste masking and bioavailability increase. Fermentation-grade cysteine and PVAc solid resins for gumbase complete the portfolio. Germany H21
Wang Chemicals Co.,Ltd. Importer and Distributor of Food Ingredient : Isolated Soy Protein, Texture Soy Concentrate, Texture Soy Protein, Angkak Powder, Whole Dried Green Peas, Chick Peas, Herbs and Spices, Fruit and Vegetable (Concentrate, Powder, Flakes) Natural Color (Red Beet, Carrot, etc.) Amino Acid Blends, Locust Bean Gum, Guar Gum, Carrageenan, Retort Tag. Thailand G25
Welltech Boitechology Co., Ltd. Welltech Biotechnology co., ltd is the leading in research, development and production of natural ingredients for health and beauty industries. We are the specialist in encapsulation technology of natural substances for food, beverage and cosmetics applications. Welltech's technology creates the new opportunities for health and beauty industries to apply natural ingredients to their products. Thailand M36
WhaKyung Co., Ltd   Korea K28
Yearrakarn Co., Ltd. We are Yearrakarn Co., Ltd., a well-known manufacturer and exporter of Coconut Cream Powder and Non Dairy Creamer from Thailand. We proudly present you our good quality products with world class standard including GMP, HACCP ans ISO 9001:2008 from United Kingdom's EFSIS and HALAL to ensure customer's confidence and satisfaction. Thailand M13
Zi-Techasia Solutions Ltd.   Thailand K13