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Hear about the Chinese Supplements Industry from the USCHPA

As the partner of HNC 2017, the US-China Health Products Association (USCHPA) will organize a conference discussing insights from the international Omega-3 and probiotic industry. Jeff Crowther,...

The function and applications of taurine

Taurine is a kind of amino acid with special functions for good health. In the food industry, taurine is widely used in energy drinks, pet and animal feed, infant milk powder, and medicine &...

Natural blue, derived from Spirulina

Fenchem Biotek LTD is committed to developing ingredients for the dietary supplement, functional food, cosmetic and feed industries. Spirulina Blue(Phycocyanin powder), from Fenchem Biotek is a...

Sucralose: low calorie sweetener and sugar substitute

As a high intensity sweetener, sucralose has proven to be safe, consistent in both quality and sweetness, and low cost. Sucralose is approximately 600-650 times sweeter than sucrose. Since its...

Natural Mixed Tocopherols: a natural form of Vitamin E

Wilmar Spring Fruit Nutrition Products Co., a domestic leader in advanced separation technologies and are China’s largest manufacturer of natural Vitamin E, mixed tocopherols and phytosterols...

Trends in the Omega 3 industry

Trends in the Omega 3 industry in China from Norwegian supplier Arctic Nutrition Q: What trends are you seeing in the Omega 3 industry? A: The overall trend is higher quality products and more value...

Opportunities for colouring foods in China

Hear from international exhibitor GNT about the developments in colouring foods across Asia. Q: What trends are you seeing in the colouring foods sector? A: For many years, food and beverage...

Insights into the Omega 3 market in Asia

GOED, the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s, is a trade association representing 200 companies worldwide active in the EPA and DHA omega-3 industry. GOED focuses specifically on addressing...

Key trends in Asian health food and beverage launches

Digestive Health Growth in product launched with a fibre or digestive health claims have been growing across Asia, with Indonesia and India seeing the strongest growth Digestibility claims from baby...

Natural Extracts play an important role in the health industry chain

As "Healthy China" becomes part of China's national strategy, people plan to lead healthier lifestyles and the demand for healthier products is growing. Natural extracts, as an “aggregate” belonging...

Clean Label: ASEAN pulling ahead of Europe and North America

Prior to Hi China 2016, Innova Market Insights identified five top health trends in the ASEAN and China markets. ASEAN is pulling ahead of Europe and North America when it comes to clean label claims...