Health Innovation Zone

Health Innovation Zone

For the second year, Hi China will bring you the "Health Innovation Zone" organised in association with Innova Market Insights. This zone located at stand E5G19 will feature the top new health innovations and product launches from exhibitors who are leading the way in innovation.

 You can find the health innovation zone at stand E5G19

Innova Market Insights will also give daily presentations on the first two show days in English and Chinese

Their presentation Global Food Trends & Applications to Asia will present the most important global trends that are shaping the food and beverage world in 2017. How will these trends translate to Asian markets?

The rules have been rewritten. Clean and clear label have come a long way and are now the new global standard. All aspects of transparency are now covered and demand for cleaner, more natural products is rising. “Clean Supreme” is just one key trend that Innova Market Insights will highlight. The implications for the “Body in Tune” and “Disruptive Green” trends for the Asian market will also be tackled.

The presentations will take place in meeting room E5-M29

  • Tuesday, June 20: 13:30-14:00  (English)
  • Tuesday, June 20: 15:15-15:45 (Chinese)
  • Wednesday, June 21: 13:30-14:00 (Chinese)
  • Wednesday, June 21: 15:45-16:15 (English)

Innova Market Insights

Innova Market Insights has a global network tracking new production introductions in over 70 countries around the world and over 28 categories of food and beverage products. With representatives in all the major markets, we offer our customers local insights on trends driving their region’s product activity. With a specialist network of food & beverage professionals that provide insights into packaging, technology, ingredient and marketing trends, customers rely on Innova Market Insights when making their next strategic product decision.